My name is Zacharias Dyrborg. I am an aspiring videographer and filmmaker based in Copenhagen, Denmark. I graduated European Film College in 2014, and I have done freelance work since then for a number of different companies. I do different personal Documentary projects on the side. I can direct, edit and camera-work and basic sound.


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This featured project is 'Spela Modigt' (Play Bravely). It is one of my first bigger documentary projects as a director. It is a film that follows a professional video game player with a shot at a major tournament and the chance to win $100.000 with his team. It was shot in 4 days in Sweden and was released in Q1 of 2014.

It was well received and was featured on a lot of blogs and websites after its release.

PC Gamer
RedBull (Poland)
The Daily Crate
Documentary a Day
eSport Portalen
Negitaku (Japan)
Readmore (Germany)
Game Tayo
Games Finity
Fraglíder (Portugal)
CN Frag (China)

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